A Revolutionary Approach To Guaranteed Impressions

Providing impressions by the block is unique to the Out-Of-Home Advertising Market by Germgo Media. This South-Central Ontario Healthcare market can provide up to 40 million impressions or 479 blocks per month.

Hospital Advertising for your product is available by choosing specific Hospitals, regions, and measured impressions (how many times your Poster will be seen). In this way you can plan your campaign and meet your budget. It’s simple and quick… and it works!

Germgo Media offers the only service of its kind to promote your product with Hand Sanitizer Stations displaying a 22″ by 28″ Poster Ad combined with Brochures or Rack Cards placed on both sides and located in high traffic locations.

These poster ads are two-sided and eye level, and sit in the midst of high pedestrian traffic to maximize their usage. With reported wait times up to several hours and a captive audience, busy Healthcare waiting rooms provide an excellent opportunity to communicate with a massive audience.

The cost is all-inclusive providing creative, printing, and brochure fulfillment.

Lowest CPM

Lowest Industry CPM

In a recent study undertaken by Magna Global – a division of IPG Mediabrands Canada, Germgo Media had the lowest CPM of all Canadian Out-Of-Home advertising media surveyed.

CPM Analysis

Unlimited Exposure

24/7/365 Exposure

Strategically placed in the highest traffic areas of healthcare facilities, Germgo Media provides unparalleled visibility 24 hours per day, seven days a week, all year round.

Market Locations


Stand-Alone or Add It On

Create a campaign or add Germgo Media to your existing ad campaign to capture this unique target market. Roll out with a 22″ by 28″ poster, two rack card and business card holders per face.

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