Expert Designs By Expert Designers

Having a well designed ad plays a huge part in the success of your campaign, and working with the right people who understand this media is key. Germgo Media’s in-house design studio will create a visually stunning and effective advertisement, tailored to the strategies of your company.

3 Key Principles of Effective Advertisement Design

1. Brevity: Viewers give approximately three seconds of their attention to most images encountered. That means the advertisement must appear relevant and informative in less than three seconds. Excessive and vague copy will not capture the attention of your viewer. Instead, be concise and precise.

2. Readability: Ensuring the content of the advertisement appears readable from a distance is a sure way of grasping a viewer’s attention before being anywhere near the advertisement. Copy should be large enough for viewers of any age and visual acuity. Images should be clear and impactful. Imagine walking towards the graphic from twenty, ten, and one foot away.

3. Design Sensibly: Do not clutter the advertisement with many fonts and colours. The viewer should be lead through the advertisement in an effortless and logical manner. Each change in style disrupts this path. Typically, designs incorporate only two fonts, a primary colour, and an accent colour. Be bold but sensible.