Magna Global Inc. Case Study

Data from Magna Global – A Division of IPG Mediabrands Canada. Report in May 2016.

Germgo Media CPM comparison chart.

Source: Data from Magna Global – a division of IPG Mediabrands Canada. Report in May 2016.

See how Germgo Media compares to other Out-Of-Home marketing methods.

Germgo Media and Magna Global Inc. – a division of IPG Mediabrands Canada, conducted a Canada-wide study examining media marketing costs. Costs per thousand (CPM) impressions in Canada were highlighted and compared to Germgo Media’s unique to OOH marketing.

Study Methodology

The study conducted by Magna Global Inc on media costs interpolated the survey data retrieved from mediabrand experts and media buyers such as UM, Initiative, DraftFCB, Rapport, and McCann. Data from the categories provided a year-to-year macro view of the media landscape where pricing is consistent through changes in the landscape. The net CPMs are determined after discounts and agency commissions.

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Example of campaign impressions.

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Source: Data from Magna Global – a division of IPG Mediabrands Canada. Report in May 2016.