A Bit of History…

Germgo Media began as a philanthropic project for a Mississauga hospital. The large facility required accessible and mobile Hand Sanitizer Stations. Germgo Media president and designer envisioned a custom fabrication which promoted hand hygiene by featuring a shelf visitors could use to place their belongings on, squeeze the hand pump, clean their hands, and be on their way. Traditional Hand Sanitizer pumps found on walls or low profile stands did not offer visitors a way to comfortably and efficiently stow their belongings before cleaning their hands, so many visitors simply passed them by.

As the stations became more popular, the opportunity to use the stations as a highly visible means of communication was realized. Now, Germgo Media’s Hand Sanitizer stations are distributed freely to hospitals, host a wide range of advertising to a previously undiscovered audience, and even provide revenue for the healthcare system.

Today’s Hospitals are very busy, modern with vast open spaces that provide new and effective opportunities to make contact with a vast target audience. Advertisements are placed in double-sided Hand Sanitizer Stations located at entrances, high traffic points, and key Waiting Rooms to take advantage of great visibility. All Hand Sanitizer Stations are placed in optimal locations to enable visitors and staff to clean their hands.